DM Airport Transfers: Terms & Conditions

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Our Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings through DM Airport Transfers

DM Airport Transfers are a intermediate between a customer a local PH company or hackney driver. We take a small upfront cost then pass your information securely to your locally approved operator. Need to change details? not a problem. Just contact your driver direct.

Bank holidays may incur an additional charge on top of your booking before its confirmed so you will be aware of any price changes that may take place.

We reserve the right to change any of these terms as we seem fit.

As we are connecting customers with operators, once we have found you an operator that will confirm your booking directly with you, there will be no refunds from DM Airport Transfers for the small up front cost because we have fulfilled our service by finding you an operator.

As a nationwide booking company it would be impossible for us to hold all the operators licenses required to cover Lands End to John o'Groats. This is why we send your job to your local PH operator/hackney to give the work to a local driver. Therefore it is thier responsibility to ensure they are operating within thier local licensing t&c's. Any adverse findings will be investigated thoroughly and we will not hesitate to remove anyone from our network found to be operating outside the t&c of thier local licensing departments.

Any incorrect booking information inputted which may affect your journey is not our responsibility and we are not liable for it.

Once you have paid the upfront cost to DM Airport Transfers you will pay the rest of the balance direct to your local driver, as per their t&cs.

The price on our website is not including any additional charges that may occur, additional stops, changes to orginal booking etc. The price change is up to you and the driver to agree too.

We understand every booking is unique, that is why we offer an instant online booking option or you can contact us with any special requests.

Get in touch: You can get an online quote and book online by clicking here or if you have any special requests or need to contact us for any reason then feel free to email us on: [email protected].

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